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Wall Space Manifesto

A room established for innovative pursuit.  

This is about a wall and what goes on it and near it.  The wall as a white entity has power, potential, and expectations.  This gets defined with lines, objects, and items placed around it. The wall appears as an empty page until a letter is positioned on it, as other letters are posted a story begins to unfold.  Each evening has a different line up, each theme is created by association. The artists invited usually lend a work that has not been shown before. This is not really a group show, more like a situation, an opportunity for dialogue, a Salon.  Most times the artists and performers do not know each other. The conversations happen for the people involved. This itself becomes a performance, a happening. The topics of curation and placement vary. The views can be conflicting around the wall. Wall Space insights to create a safe space even if disagreements arise.  Artists are allowed to provide views freely and respectfully. The Salon has an ability to make the artist a viewer and to leave a viewer wanting more. The wall acts like a trampoline for exchange of ideas; a platform from which the audience can jump. Each Salon is a celebration of work. Having these once a month allows momentum for those that want to keep the motion of ideas within their work.  It is currently an invitation to our Studio and Home. There is not much for refreshments served for that is not the purpose, though attendants are encouraged to bring their own. NYG stands for New York Gallery, an offshoot of the New York Ice Cream Gallery. The initials also happen to be our initials.

N y G

Our participating artists include: 

Adriana Farmiga

Aiden Dillard

Alannah Farrell

Alex Roth

Alex Sarrigeorgiou

Alexandra Rafael Martinez

Aline Decat

Amy Sands

Andrew Foster

Ann Hamilton

Ann Liv Young

Ann Wessman

Anthony Campusano

Arielle De Pinto

Arjan Zazueta

Ben Degen

Bryan Zimmerman

Carrie Rudd

Carter Spurrier

Celeste Amparo Pfau

Charles Spurrier

Colby Bird

Dana Distortion

Delphine Hennelly

Devin Kenny

John Hadley

John Monti

Judy Koo

Kadar Brock

Kate Davis

Lauren Seiden

Liana Finck

Lisa Larson Walker


Martyna Szczesna

Mary O'Brian Spurrier

Matt Jones

Muu Blanco

Nelson X

Nikita Shoshensky

Noa Ginzburg

Nora Maite Nieves

Paola Oxoa

Patrick Carlin Mohundro

Pedro Cruz-Castro

Rae Isla

Rem Denizen

Revel Woodward

Rifka Milder


Elyse Goldberg

Ethan Herschenfeld

Florencia Alvarado


Gisel Florez

GT Pellizzi

Hanna Schutzengel

Ingrid Calame

Jaguar Psychosis

James Bassett

James Case-Leal

James Chrzan

James Folta

James Reeder

Jameson Magrogan

Jamie Gaul

Jason Honig

Javier Bosques

Jazmine Hayes

Jennifer May Reiland

Jessi Li

Jessica Mensch

Joe Ferriso

John Dante Bianchi

Rina Goldfield

Ryan and Trevor Oakes

Scheila Schwid

Scott Goodman

Serena da Conceicao

Sergio Barrios

Seth Cameron

Sigmund Washington

Silas Finch

Skakun & Spadine

Sophie C White

Sophie Larrimore

Staver Klitgaard

Stavit Allweis

Tableaux Vivants

Talia Levitt

The Naysayer

Tim Bright

Tom Kotik

Xolo Cantillo

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